wROBO is a Geographical Information System (GIS) for Prompt Response that provides graphical, real-time information for certain locations (Cities, Regions, Countries, specific Company Sites, or even a Home).

Main Features:

– wROBO is a modern, 24/7 Management Tool to provide excellent overview and immediate reporting system of certain events, basically an EMS (Emergency Management System)

– With wROBO major catastrophes can be avoided by shortening detection and reaction time.

– Can be operated without any human resource on site, controlled by Sensors, reporting to a Central System.

– wROBO can also be operated by people via Phone (SMS or Satellite), SmartPhone, Laptop, PC (E-mail or Direct Report) from any location.

– Provides the best connection between the different locations when organized cooperation needed (for example in a Flood Situation)

– wROBO provides a clear overview of different issues, such as Emergency, Requests or Offers by handling different Pins on the specific Map. Categories have unique pin design. Category selecting functions help navigation.

– Reports can be viewed by location on the Map, or in a List View.

– Fully integrates various social media platforms, where visitors can share the information with their friends. (for example in a Flood Situation people can inform others)