Facebook Applications

1. Full Function Facebook Application

You can highlight the vision and services of your company, offering the customers an immediate view with Facebook Application. A Facebook Application that draws the eye and makes customers to want to know more…
– Full function Website inside Facebook
– Template or Custom design (many templates available)
– Optimized for Mobile devices
– Interactive functions (image gallery, media player, interactive menus, animated elements, online maps, contact forms, pop-up windows, roll-down sections, banners, links, editable sections)
– Social functions to gain audience

2. Games & Competitions

One method to extend your reach and invite others to become a Fan of your Facebook Page is to offer a promotion. A promotion can be a coupon, a deal offer, a sweepstakes, or a contest. Engage your customers with attractive activities, let them talk about you!

– Photo Contest
– Video Contest
– Puzzle Game
– Pair-up Game
– Voting Game
– Sweepstakes

3. Voucher Application

Collect data from visitors for future marketing use, such as Direct Mail, Special Offers…
– After visitor’s registration (name, email address… etc. other data can be collected), sends voucher to entrants by email / downloadable
– Preset Voucher options (certain number of vouchers sent out only, notification when certain number of entrants reached…)
– Changeable Voucher Image
– Editable Voucher Text and Terms & Conditions text

4. Booking Calendar

Online booking Application for visitors to book appointment online and/or view reserved and open date and time slots for Beauty Salon/Spa/Gym, Restaurant, Meetings, Repair service…
Collect visitor’s data for future marketing use, e.g. Special Offers
– Email notifications for administrator and site visitors
– Possibility to select single or multiple days in calendar
– Comfortable Admin panel for booking management

5. Members Room

Password protected site. Can be used as stand-alone application, or inside an application. Content can only be viewed with password.