Automation, robotics, industrial control. Our projects are implemented in our own developed systems.

Fields of use: commercial and security technology

The core of the system is a control unit, which collects data,  processes, and forwards it over a wired, wireless or a GSM system. The control unit is connected to sensors which can detect a wide variety of events / objects / signals, such as metal, light, distance, weight, movement, temperature …etc.

Based on the received signals the control unit makes decisions and takes the necessary steps. These can be: simple messages, or direct commands, for example to close/lock a door. The control unit not only receives input data, but also output controls other tools and functions. All events are reported to a log file. Daily, weekly, monthly statistics are available based on the log diary.

For commercial systems we provide a reporting system to support business decisions, for security systems the reporting system is evaluates and helps eliminating the system’s vulnerabilities.

We can provide Industrial design, weather-resistant with heavy-duty parts if necessary.

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