cityGO is an Online Travel Guide built on Google Maps. Our philosophy is that anyone should be able to travel on their own, navigate in a city, get to experience the sights, and obtain relevant information at their own convenience.

The cityGO tour guide module is perfectly suitable to showcase the environment surrounding a hotel, or even to guide a traveler through an entire city.

cityGO for business
For businesses we offer our “branded” system:
– customized map with logo
– additional menus (redirection, internal menu)
– competitor businesses excluded from the map
– walking routes starting from the business’s location

a) Purchasing the system (i.e. permanent ownership). In this case, an empty system is to be installed on the IT background provided by the hotel. We train the designated hotel staff to operate the system.
b) Renting of the system. In this case, the hotel is provided with a separate system operate through our own IT infrastructure with exclusive access to the hotel.
In both cases we provide a completely custom “branded” system, as well as the main map points of the city (e.g. museums, tourist attractions…) if required.

Available formats
Web interface, which can work both as an independent website and as part of an existing website, or as part of a Facebook page. The system is also optimized for mobile devices. Optionally, it can also operate as a mobile application. We can provide more information about the app functionality on request

For more information kindly contact us.